thelastcommand (thelastcommand) wrote in thewindingroad,

The life of PI

hi all! i just finished reading the life of pi, and i have some questions.

1. So the way i understand it, the "second story" is what really happened, and the "story with animals" is something like a fable or i dunno, what do you guys think? Ive been thinking, maybe its how stories in the Bible are told to, since the book is supposed to be religious. 

2. What does the temporary blindess of pi and the frenchman symbolic of?

3. What does the "acidic island" mean?

4. so if the urang-utan is the mom, the cook is the hyena, the sailor is the zebra and pi is the tiger, in the "animal story", why did pi include himself and the tiger and not just the tiger? (sorry if you get mixed up). 

5. I think the name being pi has something to do with the story. it's an irrational number right? what do you guys think?

6. what else do you guys think about the book? i found it lovely :)

hope everyone enjoyed the book!
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