D. (ephiriel) wrote in thewindingroad,

Perdido Street Station

It's a book by China Miéville and I have finished it at last!! That sounds bad but it has taken me a while to get through this one. The book is 867 pages long. It took me 2 years of picking it up and reading a page or two here and there to get through 200pgs then the other day I turned a page and I was hooked. It took me that long because something else would always come along. However I have to say I have been rewarded. I read The Lord Of The Rings and the only bit that really hooked me was "The End" It did nothing for me but I stuck with it. This however turned out to be brilliant. I measure this by the amount of faces I pulled reading it on the bus.
It's fantasy but not medieval questy type I think I mean it's fantastical. It's not science fiction with computers - more steam and pistons (stream punk I think is the term) It's set in a world called Bas-Lag specifically in a city New Crobuzon.
I don't want to write a review as I will only end up telling you the story. However it's full of high adventure and once it grips it refuses to let go.
(I have to go to work so my timing with this post isn't the best)
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