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Blue Diary - Alice Hoffman

“Blue Diary” – Alice Hoffman

Date read: 4 January 2006 – 16 January 2006

Paperback : 303 pages : £3.73
First published: 2001
Vintage Publishers 2002
ISBN: 0-09-942914-4

* Synopsis:
Ethan and Jorie, a perfect, beautiful couple, have been married for 13 years, and are still very much in love. Ethan is a pillar of the community, but 13 years ago he committed a brutal rape and murder. A young girl’s phone call exposes him, and nothing will ever be the same for any of them – as nothing could ever be the same for that other young girl who was raped all those years ago, or for her family.
Blue Diary is a powerful, disturbing novel about the dark shadows in ordinary lives, about the ripples that carry on indefinitely from a violent act. And the blue diary of the title belonged to the dead girl …

* My thoughts:
After picking this book up in 2003 and didn’t get even ¼ of the way through, I thought I’d try it again.
I normally don’t go for this kind of over-descriptive writing, but I really enjoyed the book. I found it hard to put down after the first couple of chapters (which were a little slow). I was glad I picked this one up. The penultimate chapter nearly made me cry; it brought a tear to my eye .. The final chapter made me feel lost and empty in a good way, especially when I’d finished. A wonderful read; heart-wrenching, amazing!
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